Brief Description

According to the European Commission social enterprises are a driving force for growth inclusive and play key role in addressing the current economic and environmental challenges. Social enterprises are drivers of change, bringing innovative solutions to social problems. They apply business practices to achieve social good, being based on values of solidarity and empowerment and creating opportunities for those disadvantaged. Social entrepreneurs constitute a niche; they run ventures that are primarily in the business of creating significant societal value, and do so in an entrepreneurial, market-oriented way.

The goal of the ACT SOCIAL project will take place mainly through the development of support structures and tools for social enterprises focused as a case study on the Tourism and Food Sector. The main goal of the project is to detect and determine the social impact of social enterprises measured in terms of employment integration in the cross-border area and develop support structures and tools which reinforced the capacity of social enterprises in this frame. Support Structures of Social Innovative Entrepreneurship will be developed with the form of ones stop shop Help Desks. These Structures along with the tools provided will be commonly designed and developed one in Greece and one in Bulgaria and will implement a cross border network of cooperation and exchanges.

Beneficiaries and end users of the project’s outputs and results will be unemployed people in the Cross Border area, existing social enterprises and NGO’s, Municipalities and local stakeholders which will actively participate and bottom up design services and tools directly address the needs of the citizens and the whole Cross Border area.


  • Project Full Title: Actions for the Support and enhancement of Social entrepreneurship at local level
  • Project Acronym: ACT SOCIAL
  • Project Duration: 24 months
  • Funding Scheme: Interreg V-A Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020
  • Participating Countries: Greece, Bulgaria