Contact Us

For any further information regarding the ACT SOCIAL project, you can contact each partner in the contact details listed below.


Municipality of Thermi

1, Dimokratias Str,
57001, Thermi, Greece
Project Manager: Evgenia Papanikolaou
Tel: +30 2310 300778
Fax: +30 2310 464221
Email: [email protected]


Association of South Western Municipalities

Adress: 23 Todor Aleksandrov Str, 3rd floor
Project Manager: Iliyanna Cvetanova
Tel: +35973882275
Email: [email protected]


Sdruznenie Yuni Partners

Adress: Blagoevgrad, 40 Zapad, 2nd floor, No 4
Project Manager: Slavina Koteva
Tel: +35973584004
Email: [email protected]